USONW SeaTac International Airport Center

The USO Northwest's Center at the SeaTac International Airport provides military and their families with 24/7/365 travel assistance and access to all the comforts of home. Hot food and snacks, big screen TVs, bunk room, a theater lounge, showers, free Internet access and a family room. Each month the USONW SeaTac Center serves more than 8,000 service members and their families, reservists and retired military. The USO SeaTac Center is located outside security, above Delta Air Lines ticketing counters, on the Mezzanine Level. 


Volunteers are the heart and soul of the USO. If you would like to become a volunteer, please fill out the application available here. After the initial screening process you may be asked to come in for an interview and orientation. We will then schedule you for training and get you acclimated to our amazing team.

Other services provided at the USO Center

Temporary Luggage Holding

Library and writing supplies

Open for Homecomings and Deployments

Special Events

Copy/Fax/Print/Scanning Services

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is allowed to enter and use the SeaTac USO?

All active duty military and their dependents may enter with a current military I.D.  Also, unaccompanied minors (16 and over) with proper I.D. and itinerary/boarding pass may use the center.  On a space available basis we can allow the following with an itinerary or boarding pass:

Retirees and dependents

  Guard/Reserve (on orders)

100% Disabled Veterans 

  Foreign Military (on orders)


  DoD employees (on AMC travel orders only)

Recruits (with I.D.)

  Those designated as “Friends of the USO” (airport security, TSA, airlines, etc)

2. I am a veteran but not 100% disabled. Why am I not entitled to use the USO? 

Per USO charter, we must allow all active duty and their immediate dependents into the USO.  In order to honor the service of those who have served, the donors of the Northwest have provided the resources to allow those listed above (see FAQ 1).  However, it is a privilege to use the USO not a military benefit.  Our limited resources cannot provide for the thousands of veterans who travel through the airport. We are grateful to all who have served our country and wish we could more. Thank you for your understanding.  

3. What is your unaccompanied minor policy?

Unaccompanied dependent minors (ages 16 and over) are allowed entrance to the center with a current dependent I.D. and boarding pass/itinerary.  The volunteer on-duty may contact the dependent’s parent if there is a question to the authenticity of the child’s travel.

4. Who is NOT allowed to enter and use the SeaTac USO?

Veterans with less than 20 years of service, anyone with an expired military I.D. card, and guests accompanying the active duty member/dependent without identification are also not granted entry. For the safety of guests and volunteers, ANY UNRULY OR INTOXICATED PEOPLE ARE FORBIDDEN.

5. What does “space available” mean?

Our Center will see, on average, 1,200 guests each week.  During our “flight nights” we get very busy.  Our peak hours on flight nights are from 8:00 pm until 2:30 am the following morning and the Center is usually at max capacity.  We kindly ask visitors respect our space available policy as the active duty military and their dependents are our chartered target audience.

6. Are there special circumstances when a non-military identification card holder may be allowed entry?

There are certain times the Center Manager may allow entry into the Center.  For example, if a family is waiting for their active military member child to return from overseas, the manager may grant access.  Please make prior arrangements for scenarios like this or other by e-mailing the manager at

7. What is the policy on pets?

King County Public Health permits us to allow small kenneled cats or dogs (considered in-cabin pets) in the lounge of our center. They must stay in the kennel at all times while in the center.  Larger crated pets may be allowed in our storage room on a case by case basis.  Please speak to the volunteer on duty or email the center manager if you have more questions.  

8. Can bunks be reserved before arrival?

We have 10 beds available for our guests but they are on a first-come, first served basis. We cannot allow for reservations. Only those 18 years old and over may enter the bunk room. For safety purposes, only one person per bed is allowed. Ask the on duty volunteer for more information. 

9. What is the policy for your luggage room?

We ask you check your luggage upon entry to the center for fire safety reasons.  Once checked you may feel free to roam the port or even go off-site to enjoy the local area.  We cannot, however, allow guests to leave their luggage overnight unaccompanied.  For other questions concerning this policy, please e-mail the manager at

10. Do you provide financial assistance to pay for a shuttle to one of the local military bases?

We are not capable of providing financial assistance.  Any active duty military member or dependent will be given the contact information to their gaining unit or to their respective military benevolent organizations (AER, AF Aid, NMCRS, or CGMA). 

USONW SeaTac International Airport Center
Main Terminal, Mezzanine level
SeaTac International Airport
Seattle, WA 98158

Mailing Address:
17801 International Blvd, PMB #313
Seattle, WA 98158

Office: 206.246.1908
Fax: 206.246.1914

USONW SeaTac Center Manager
Bill Baker
Office phone: 206.246.1908 ext. 2

Air Mobility Command (AMC)
Office phone: 253.982.0555 / 0556
DSN: 382.0555
AMC Fax: 253.982.0557

Help us maintain our new USO Center for our military and their families by puchasing a commemorative brick that will be mounted on the Patriot Wall at the new SeaTac Center. 

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